Breed Type: Molosser, Working
Country of Origin: Canada
Popular Names: Nebolish
Size: Giant
Height: (At the withers) 68.5 – 91 cm
Weight: 43 – 82 kg
Best suited as:  Family pet and livestock guardian
Lifespan: 10 – 14 years
Popularity: very rare

The Nebolish Mastiff is the smallest and rarest of all the Mastiff breeds.

They are very similar in appearance to other mastiffs, with a large head, strong neck, wide chest, and solid muscles. They are large boned and have a broad head, a wide snout that is half the length of the skull, and large natural ears that hang down. They have long legs and oval-shaped feet.

They come in brindle, fawn, silver, and blue. They may have a black mask or white markings. The coat is usually short, but some may have longer fur.

This is a giant dog that has no upper weight range, although most tend to weigh between 43 and 82 kg. They were specifically bred to produce less slobber than other mastiffs.

The most commonly-held belief about this breed is that it was developed in Canada in the 1960s using the Neapolitan Mastiff, English Mastiff, Bull Terrier, Dogue de Bordeaux, Bullmastiff, Saint Bernard, Boxer, and Deutsche Dogge. There may be Great Dane in the mix, as well. They were bred specifically to be more agile than other mastiffs, and to eliminate health problems suffered by other mastiff breeds.
Some people believe that the breed is still under development and that the breed is not yet standardized.

Still others believe that the most recent development of these dogs is a re-creation of a breed first developed in the times of Alexander the Great, who was given these dogs as a gift. Supposedly, he ordered these giant dogs to protect his soldiers from lions.

Whatever the case, the exact breeding line has never been revealed. Very few breeders exist today. DNA testing is required to map out the breed’s origins.

They are loving, courageous, even-tempered, alert, dignified, intelligent, and loyal. They are naturally protective and make wonderful family pets and livestock guardians. They do well with children, and are patient and calm with people of all ages.

They do not bark overly much, but can make good watchdogs since they will alert you when a stranger is at the door. Their size will deter anyone with a criminal intent.

They are easy to train but can be stubborn if they sense inconsistency or weakness in their trainer, so an experienced owner will do best with these dogs. They do well with positive reinforcement training, and their training must start early, as young pups. They do require early and ongoing socialization, like most dogs. They get along fine with cats if raised with them.

They enjoy advanced training, food puzzles, and finding hidden toys. They are good swimmers and love the water.

Care and Grooming
Their smooth coats need only to be brushed once a week. An occasional bath will keep them clean. Otherwise, they require general ongoing maintenance like weekly tooth brushing, weekly ear inspections and cleanings, and monthly nail clipping as required.

They have average exercise requirements and this means several walks a day plus playtime in a fenced-in area or large rural setting. They love to play fetch, and do well as therapy dogs. An ill-exercised Nebolish Mastiff can develop undesirable behaviours.

There are no health problems to which this breed is predisposed. They live up to 14 years, which is quite long for such a large breed. As with other large and giant dogs, be careful to avoid jumping exercises in their first eight months, and be certain to have their hips checked for hip dysplasia. Only buy from a reputable breeder who tests breeding stock for genetic disorders.

Suitability As A Pet
They make the perfect family pet for experienced dog owners. They do best in larger homes since they are so big and take up a lot of space indoors. They need a fenced-in yard so they can play on a daily basis, plus they need someone who will walk them every day to burn off excess energy.

They work well as livestock and home protectors, and enjoy being put to work in this capacity.

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