Male Height (typical): 61-66 cm. (24-26 inches)
Female Height (typical): 56-61 cm. (22-24 inches)
Size: Small – Medium – Large
Male Weight (typical): 27-34 kg. (60-75 pounds)
Female Weight (typical): 22.5-29.5 kg. (50-65 pounds)
Country of Origin: Scotland
Exercise Required: Daily long walks.
Expected Life Span: 12 – 14 Years
Best suited as: Working Dog, Family Pet
Other names: Smooth Collie, Scottish Collie, Rough Collie

Description – The Collie is one of the most recognized and popular dogs around and has been immortalized in TV shows and movies with programs like “Lassie” first introducing the breed to many people. The Collie is a gentle and loving dog that is highly intelligent and great at herding and other types of farm work. They make great companions due to their highly social nature and will fit in easily with any family. They are a medium to large sized dog that is quick when running and always ready to play.

Origin & History – The breed started centuries ago in Scotland and was prized for their natural ability to herd animals. In fact when young, some Collies will try to herd family members while walking and this should be corrected immediately with the dog. For years these dogs were unheard of outside of Scotland and were first brought to England by Queen Victoria and kept at Balmorals Castle. Her keen interest in the breed help to propel it to royalty status and word soon spread to other parts of Europe that this was the dog to have. They are known today as the most popular breed of dog all over the world and are found in every country imaginable.

Collie Dog

Temperament – The Collie has a perfect temperament and is happy outdoors when playing or laying around the home with the family. They are very loyal dogs and will bond quickly with all the family members. Unlike other breeds that seek out a strong master and may ignore or compete with other family members, the Collie moves easily from person to person. They are very active dogs and can be trained to respond to simple commands. They love to please and will train quickly if you provide the positive reinforcement they crave. The Collie is also great around children and can gauge its level of play to the size of the person. While they may be rougher with an adult, they can tone down their enthusiasm with smaller children in the family.

Collie Dog Ready for the training session on the beach

Exercise & Grooming – This breed requires an average amount of exercise and can get it on a daily walk or playing in the backyard. They tend to be quieter indoors and will spark up with energy when let outside. They need to be leashed when walking as they will treat most strangers as friends and want to greet every person you pass on the walk. Their coats are naturally very clean and will only require an occasional brushing with a stiff bristle brush to keep them looking great. Avoid bathing the dog as this may wash off most of the natural oils that protect their coat.

Collie Dog walk exercise

Health Concerns – The Collie is a very healthy breed and will live a long life as a family member if properly cared for. They are one of the few breeds that have exposed skin on their noses and this should be protected with sun block if they spend a lot of time in the sun. They may also suffer from some genetic eye disorders such as “Collie Eye Syndrome” and should be checked regularly to make sure they are healthy. There are also cases of hip dysplasia in this breed as there are in most larger dogs.

Collie Dog Breathing in fresh air contributes to overall well-being

  • Collie (including both Rough Collie and Smooth Collie varieties)
  • Border Collie
  • Bearded Collie

Collie Organisations in Australia

Waikato & Districts Collie Club 26 Blackburn St, Hamilton NZ President : Sue Chaytor Email : Secretary : Leanna Hughes Email :

Collie Organisations in the UK Rough Collie Rescue UK

Collie Organisations in the US American Kennel Club – Collie Victorian Collie Rescue

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