Dog Types

Dog Types

Gun Dogs


Breed Type: Pointers/Gun Dogs Best suited as: Pet, hunting, or show dog with an active owner or family. Intro Gun dogs, called bird dogs in some places, are a type of sporting dog. They include flushing dogs, pointers, setters, retrievers, and water dogs. Some gun dogs usually perform multiple roles, such as retrieving and tracking.

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Herding Dog Breeds


Like the name suggests, herding dogs are breeds of dog that have been trained or developed for herding. Commonly herded animals include cattle, sheep, and reindeer, although it is not unusual for poultry to be handled by dogs. Some dogs such as the Koolie and Australian Kelpie, are reknowned for being able to herd sheep

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Hound Dogs


The breeds of the hound group are among those that have worked most closely in cooperation with humans, having helped us to hunt and survive. They are particularly devoted to their masters and, in return, they have earned great respect and admiration. The hounds are divided into two groups: sight hounds, which pursue quarry mainly

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LiveStock Guardian Dogs


Livestock Guardian Dogs are a very specialised type of animal that has been bred to protect a flock or herd from predators. These dogs' posses a skill set that allow them to act independently and fend off any possible attack on one of the group. There are quite a few breeds of dog that make

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Molosser Type Dogs


Molosser type dogs are one of the most varied dog types of all and includes a great many diverse dog breeds under this classification. One characteristic that defines this type of dog is their innate desire to guard something. This type is typically divided into two types of guarding, one that guards a flock and

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Pointing Dog Breeds


Pointing Dog Breeds Country of Origin: England Average Size: 55-65 cm (at the withers) Average Weight: 20-35 kg Average Life Span: 12-14 years Grooming Requirements: Low Exercise Requirements: High History The pointer breeds were developed to aid hunters in locating game, such as birds and hares. Classification as a pointer refers to a gundog's ability

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Retrieving Dog Breeds


Breed Type: RetrieversBest suited as: Pet, show, or hunting dog Popularity: Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, and Poodles are all on Australia's Top 10 list of most popular dog breeds Intro Retrievers are a type of sporting dog or gun dog. They are used to retrieve game once it has been shot by a hunter. Appearance

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Countries of Origin: Ireland, Scotland, and England, depending on breed Size: Large Height: (At the withers) 60 – 68 cm depending on breed and sex Weight: 23 – 35 kg depending on breed and sex Best suited as: Pet, show, or gun dog with an active owner or family Lifespan: 10 - 14 years depending


Spaniels – Common traits and Pet Suitability


There are a large variety of dog breeds that are considered "Spaniels", but they have some common traits. They are used for hunting, usually birds. A well trained Spaniel will retrieve game birds without damaging the carcass, and are highly prized for not being gun shy. They are categorized by three traits. A spaniel may

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Spitz Type Dogs


Spitz type dogs originated in the colder arctic regions and are well suited for working in extreme conditions. This breed is characterized by their double coat of fur and their generally curved and bushy tail. The breed is divided into 5 general categories and are considered either sled dogs, hunting dogs, watch dogs, guard dogs

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Terriers are a type of dog bred specifically for their phenomenal ability to seek out rodents and other small animals. The word terrier invokes the French words for digging and burrowing, which are a testament to the working nature of the terrier dog group. Smaller terriers have experience in fleshing out animals such as rats


Toy Dogs


Toy dogs are named according to their tiny size and cuddly nature. Bred as a sheer novelty, many of these tiny dogs originated as royal lapdogs. Many of these dogs were bred for the sole purpose of companionship. While some toy dogs begin at a diminutive size, other are dogs that were bred down to

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Water Dog Breeds


The term Water Dog applies to a wide range of dog breeds, which are some of the oldest in the world. A Water Dog is typically one that spends a portion of their time in the water and is accustomed to being wet while working. These breeds include hunting dogs that are used for waterfowl

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