Breed Family: Herding
Country of Origin: Wales
Size: Small, height 26 to 31cm tall, weight 13 to 17kg
Also Known as: Cardigan, CWC, Cardi
Lifespan: 12-14 years
Care Requirements: Medium
Exercise Requirements: Medium

General information and Appearance
Like the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, the Cardigan variety has a long, low body with a thick chest and short legs. Unlike the Pembroke, the Cardigan has a long tail. Cardigans are small and compact, making them quick yet strong.
Cardigans have a head shaped similarly to that of a fox and a stout, thick body. Their ears are proportionally larger and pointed. The paws are also larger, and quite rounded.

Cardigans, like other Corgis, have a double coat. The undercoat is water resistant, thick and short. On top of that, the outer coat is longer and the hairs are thicker. This breed can be coloured red, black, sable or brindle. Many dogs have white or tan markings.

Cardigan Welsh Corgis were the original breed of Corgis from which the Pembroke variety was created. The Corgi has always been a small, resilient breed with natural sharpness and herding ability. Low to the ground, this breed was well suited for nipping at the heels of the animals and avoiding being kicked.

Welsh Corgi (Cardigan) Dog

Cardigan Welsh Corgis are vivacious, intelligent dogs. This breed is known for its affection and eagerness to please. Corgis were raised as herding dogs. Though they are small, they are energetic and enjoy physical and mental stimulation.
Cardigans were originally bred for farm life. They are easily trained and hard working. Today, Cardigans can be found in farms as well as homes. This breed makes an excellent housedog because they are easy to train and love their human companions. These dogs get along with children and other pets as long as they are properly socialised at an early age.

Training Cardigans is generally not a very challenging task. These dogs should be taught early on that herding humans is not acceptable behaviour. Additionally, this breed needs plenty of exercise both physically and mentally. Cardigans can be trained to compete in herding competitions, flyball, and other agility competitions. Their intelligence coupled with an eagerness to please makes this breed ideal for training.

Welsh Corgi (Cardigan) Dog walk training

Health Issues
Cardigan Welsh Corgis are a hearty, healthy breed. The key to keeping a Cardigan healthy is weight control. When this breed is overfed and under exercised, stress is put on the back. To avoid chronic bad problems, take care with the diet of this small dog.

Other health problems can include PRA and glaucoma, as well as hip dysplasia. Inquiring about health problems with the breeder is essential with the purchase of any dog breed. Breeders in Australia are diligent about keeping disease out of bloodlines.

Welsh Corgi (Cardigan) Dog breathing health

Grooming and Care
Cardigans are heavy shedding dogs. They do not require much grooming care as the coat sheds naturally twice a year. Light combing and brushing can help to remove dead hairs. Cardigans should be bathed only when necessary.
Suitability as Pet In Australia

Cardigan Welsh Corgis live and thrive in Australia. These dogs can be kept in smaller homes, such as apartments or flats. They need sufficient exercise, however, living in tighter quarters. Cardigans should also be challenged mentally. Games of fetch will help keep them active and thinking. Additionally, these dogs tend to excel in competitions. They can be trained in herding competitions, agility and flyball.

This dog is a good fit for any home, with or without children. Cardigans thrive off of human attention and praise. This little dog will follow its owners all about the house. Not only are Cardigans loving and loyal, they are also good guard dogs. They can be wary of strangers at first due to their protective natures.

Cardigans were bred for farm life. They will be very successful companions to any farmers or ranchers in Australia. They would enjoy the space to roam and animals to herd. They are tough and rugged and able to withstand rocky terrain or climate changes. These dogs are good guardians of their property.

For showing and competition enthusiasts, these intelligent and attractive dogs are top-notch competitors. Whether the contest is herding or agility, the low dogs are very athletic. In shows, they are obedient and well behaved. Among the top-rated most intelligent dogs, these dogs are at the top of everything they do.

Welsh Corgi (Cardigan) Dog beautiful and nice

Welsh Corgi (Cardigan) Organisations in Australia
Welsh Corgi Club of NSW Inc
Welsh Corgi Club of Tasmania
Secretary : MS Tull Luttrell
P.O. Box 558, Glenorchy TAS 7010
Email :

Welsh Corgi (Cardigan) Organisations in the UK
Cardigan Welsh Corgi Assoc

Welsh Corgi (Cardigan) Organisations in the US
Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America
Cardigan Welsh Corgi Assoc

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