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I started in English Cocker Spaniels in New Zealand in  1976  with  Marvin of Bellbrook a  Blue roan boy with mostly Maragown lines and Sharrows Swift Chance “Willow”  a blue roan, a daughter of Aust/NZ Ch Waymaster of Weirdene (Imp Scot) I continued on with her daughter Witchware Winter Wine “Krissy”  blue roan who was by Walking Blues of Weirdene (Imp Scot) and my golden roan Greyfriar Golden Girl “Shandy” who went back to a lot of the Maragown lines of Jean Gillies.

My love of cocker spaniels comes back from my uncle who always had cockers when I was little, but his were solids and when I got my first show dog he was blue roan. Over the years I have had all the colours, blue roan, blue roan/tan, orange roan, gold/white, black/white, gold, black. There are many more colours in Eng cocker spaniels and these are just a few. In American cocker spaniels, there are not so many colours, there is buff from silver to red, black, black/tan in the solids and red/white, black/white and black/white and tan in the parti-colours.

Having a full-time job didn’t leave me much time for showing, so over the years showed spasmodically. I am now able to show more and have added solid cockers to my parti-colours and also parti and solid American cocker spaniels.

These 2 lovely breeds have temperaments to die for, they make excellent companions for children as well as adults. They are loving and totally loyal to their families. They love going for walks, rides in the car and being close to their human family. These dogs are not the type of dog you can put on a chain and leave tied up in the back yard. If this is what you have to do, then these dogs are not for you.

They must have a dog-proof fence as since they come from the Gundog group, if they get out they put head down and go with any scent that takes their fancy, so are not good dogs on the road. If you don’t want to lose your faithful friend then they must be confined to their own backyard and exercised regularly

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