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For dog owners of Brisbane there is a dog training system that will enable you to easily achieve results that most Professional Trainers only dream of. Chris Flegler of Sit Means Sit Brisbane is offering the most advanced system of dog training available anywhere in Australia. This system is hugely popular in the USA and now it’s available to everyone in Brisbane. You can be one of the first in Australia to achieve your goals of having a well trained and easily maintained companion that you can enjoy for life. An insatiable appetite for knowledge of dog training methodologies and a realization that dog owners needed more than currently available, led Chris to search for a system that he could use to teach people to have ultimate control of their best mate in every situation. Chris understands that people today are usually too busy, too tired or too stressed to put in the time required to successfully train a dog using traditional methods. With Sit Means Sit, anyone can achieve results quickly and calmly. That’s right you’ll actually have fun training your dog, no more yelling and pulling on leads! As well as his ability to teach you the Sit Means Sit way of dog training, you’ll benefit from the other 15 years experience he’s had training Pets and Specialist Dogs. Most recently Chris has trained Sniffer Dogs for the detection of pest ant species in Queensland and is currently a Government Senior Dog Handler for the world’s first operational Fire Ant Detection Dog. Call Chris and he’ll get you started on your way to achieving everything you wanted when you first brought your dog home; a reliable companion that can be by your side and under control in any situation whether that be down at the local footy ground watching the kids play, walking down to the corner store or simply calmly laying down next to you in front of the telly. Chris is so confident in his ability to help you he’s going to give you your first consultation free and under no obligation. When you purchase a package you’ll then receive a lifetime guarantee with group lessons for the lifetime of your dog. Sit Means Sit is a great system that won’t be stressful for you or your dog and its great value so what are you waiting for? Call Chris at Sit Means Sit Brisbane now and begin the journey to making your best friend even better.

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