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We are driven by our commitment to the breed and the unending pleasure that a Bulldog can bring into anyone’s life. At this point we would like to make it clear that the type of Bulldog we like is not necessarily what others may be looking for. If you are thinking of having a Bulldog come to live with you then we actively encourage prospective owner’s to visit a number of breeders. We both respect and support the fact the other breeders have different preferences within the overall breed standard. Russ and David are from opposite sides of the globe, but share a joint passion for Bulldogs. The first Bulldog arrived in the family in 1919. Both of us also know that whenever we show our dogs, we both arrive and leave with the best dogs who were at the show. From time to time we are fortunate enough that a judge will also agree with our view of the world, but that is a complete bonus. We value the camarderie and friendships that our dogs have enabled us to have as we travel the length and breadth of Australia with them. We firmly beleive that a Bulldog brings something special to any family unit. However, it is so very important to take on board the fact that people live with Bulldogs; Bulldogs do not live with people!! Be prepared to have them take over your home; give you looks that say “you must be joking” or “it wasn’t me”. A Bulldog has so many facial expressions, all of which seem to fit the circumstance in which it is given. We make no apologies for advising that those who express an interest in having a Kellanz Bulldog come live with them will be subject to a vetting process. Whilst the detail of this process will be discussed in detail prior to a pup moving homes, in the first instance we encourage email contact. We are more than happy to answer any questions, but the onus rests with the prospective owner to maintain the email contact. Bulldogs are relatively rare dogs, demand is relatively high and supply relatively low. They require (and to some degree expect) and deserve lots of attention; they respond best when they keep the family that lives with them fully occupied. They certainly keep us occupied, hence we ask that if you are interested you keep up the contact rather than the other way round.

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