Agwyr - (Miniature Wire Haired)

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Based in Brisbane, we are experienced breeders and exhibitors of quality Miniature Wire Haired Dachshunds, who have been actively involved with the Dachshund Club of Queensland for many years. We are very proud of our lovely Champion mini wires and have imported our breeding stock from top kennels in New Zealand, England, and Japan. We enjoy seeing our pups excel in the show ring or go to special homes as pampered pets. The Miniature Wire Haired Dachshund has a strong blend of both hound and terrier characteristics within it. This breed of dachshund has a strong sense of smell, a loud bark and it has the inherent nature to search and root out vermin and rodents. The breed comes from Germany, where it has existed since the early 1600’s. Back then the dog was named “Dachshund” which means “badger dog,” and historians believe that the original smooth-furred variety to which the breed came to be first evolved from the French Basset. Cross-breeding with Field Spaniels eventually created the long haired type of dachshund, while crosses with terriers created the wire haired type. Wire-haireds are the “rugged workmen”, with harsh body hair, beards and eyebrows. Depending on the texture of the coat, which can range from “pin-wire” to “hairy”, they may need to be hand-stripped (never clipped) two or three times a year. The most common colours are Brindle and Red. Chocolate/Tan and Dapples also occur. Note that Brindle in Wires means the individual hairs are striped, giving an overall grizzle/grey appearance, as opposed to the tiger-stripe appearance found in Long-haired Brindles. As a generalisation, Wires are the most extrovert and active of the dachshunds. All the Miniatures make ideal pets for someone who is maybe less active and who wants a small, but affectionate companion.

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