Country of Origin: Italy
Size: Large Weight: 40-50kg (88-110 lbs.)
Height: 62-69cm (24-27 in.)
Grooming Requirements:
Exercise Requirements: High
Dog Type: Mastiff Most
Suited As:
Herder, Sport Hunting, Guard, and Companion
Also known As: Cane Corso (AKC), Cane Corso Italiano (UKC), Italian Mastiff
Expected Life Span: 10-11 years
Origin: This is a very old breed of dog, used during war by the Romans, herding of cattle and pigs, and in boar and bear hunting. The Italian Corso was brought back from near extinction by enthusiasts during the 1970’s. It was originally exclusive to southern Italy.

Italian Corso Dog
Temperament: Proper and early socialization, with strong training and leadership is very important to this breed. They are strong, and have a head and muzzle that can inflict a bone-crunching bite. If they are appropriately trained, as an adult they should only respond aggressively only to real threats, not just any approaching stranger. They do not like change, and strangers, be it human or animals make them nervous. Introduce new people, animals, or places with care and good judgment. If not properly socialized as a puppy, everything and everyone new to them will be perceived as a threat.

Italian Corso Dog Geared up and prepared for the upcoming training session with owner


Watchdog qualities: The protective watchdog qualities of this animal are excellent.They will protect property, livestock, and family members alike. Remember that they can do real harm to people or animals that are strangers to them and make provisions for their temperament like a high fence, or a call button when someone wants access to you from outside the fenced area. This animal does not pay attention to pain stimulus. This means that electrical fencing and shock collars will not have the desired effect on a Corso.

Backyard/Exercise requirements This breed is quite athletic and requires a lot of exercise. Regular walks, runs, or a nice big fenced yard would be perfect.

Italian Corso Dog Ready for the workout
Size/weight and Colour :More muscular than other Mastiff types, the Corso weighs in at about 40-50kgs or 88-110 pounds. Wither height is 62-69cms or 24-27 inches. This dog comes in grey, red, fawn, and black. They sometimes have a mask on their muzzle and face below the eyes that may be lighter or darker than their overall colour, but their nose must be dark, along with their footpads and the inside of their mouth (oral mucosa).
Grooming: Occasional brushing is all this dog needs in the way of grooming. They shed year round, but it is light and the brushing readily removes the loose hair and exfoliates any dead skin.
Health: The only health problems that occur sufficiently to note in this breed are orthopedic in nature as with all the heavy breed canines, joint problems being the most common. Dog Sports/Activities: Well adapted for large game hunting, especially elk, deer, boar, and bear.

Italian Corso Dog Inhaling clean air enhances overall health
Livestock work: These dogs are easily trained to most any task and are happiest when they have work to do.
Puppies/Litters: Dames may have anywhere from 5-10 puppies per litter.
Italian Corso Dog Organisations in Australia No club information listed
Italian Corso Dog Organisations in the UK American Kennel Club – Cane Corso
Italian Corso Dog Organisations in the US American Kennel Club – Cane Corso Cane Corso Mastiff Rescue
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