Breed Type: Epagneul Breton
Country of Origin: France
Size: Medium
Also known as: Brittany
Males: Height: 43 – 53 cm Weight: 16 – 18 kg
Females: Height: 46 – 51 cm Weight: 13.5 – 18 kg
Exercise Requirements: High
Care Requirements: Moderate
Lifespan: 10 – 12 years
Best Suited as: Hunting Dog

This breed of dog was named in honor of the place in France where it came from: the Brittany. Worldwide, the breed is also called as Brittany Weigrief, Brittany Pointer, and American Brittany in addition to its original French name which is Epagneul Breton. In 1934, this breed was registered as Brittany spaniel; however, because of its habit to hunt, it was associated with pointed breeds instead of the spaniel breeds. The breed is considered to be intelligent, full of energy, and sensitive kind of dogs with emphasis to their abilities as multipurpose gun dogs. Because of their size, disposition, coating, and loyalty, people also considered them as an outstanding household pet.

The Epagneul Breton or Brittany is a breed of medium-sized dogs with legs that are long and a single but short coating. The breed is considered to be trimmed dogs without too many muscles. The typical color of a Brittany is a combination of white and orange or white and liver; however, people might be able to find an Epagneul Breton with three colors. Their eyes may either be a color of hazel or a color of amber. The color of their eyes depends upon the color of their coat. Their ears are a bit higher on their head in a shape similar to a triangle. This breed is also known because of the short tail of the dogs. Unlike other breeds, the nose of the Brittany can never be of a black; rather, the dog’s nose maybe of a brown, a pink, a tan, or a fawn.

Epagneul Breton Dog two different colours

Happiness is the word to describe the temperament of an Epagneul Breton. This breed is very energetic and definitely loves outdoors; however, owners must keep in mind that this breed is also sensitive. The Brittanies are definitely the kind of dog that people will surely love to bring for outdoor activities such as hunting, camping, trips, or backyard activities for kids. Because of their happy temperament, owners should leash them or keep them inside the backyard fence. This breed usually jumps out into the open to chase birds which may bring owners to a closer grasp on losing their Brittany.

The first historical entry with regards to the Epagneul Breton that was ever found was in 1850. It was an entry of an English clergyman who mentioned that he was hunting with bob-tailed small dogs that have rough coats compared to that of common English pointers. Accordingly, these dogs were excellent even in thick brushes. In addition, they are easy to handle.

It was believed that the breed is a mixture of the English setter and pointers which maximized their natural abilities when it comes to pointing and hunting. This is why they were very popular among the French peasants and households in the past.

The breed was first recognized in the year 1907. It was a dog named “Boy” with an appearance of orange and white. The dog was registered under a long breed name which was changed into the “Epagneul Breton” which means “Brittany Spaniel”. The breed arrived in the U.S. during 1931 where it was recognized 3 years after.

Epagneul Breton Dog

Care and Grooming:
When it comes to proper maintenance and proper grooming, the Brittany is considered to be time-saving and budget friendly. The shed is minimal each year and brushing their coat regularly will lessen the shedding to almost zero. Owners may opt to use dry shampoo instead of bathing a Brittany regularly. Furthermore, this breed does not need a regular bath; rather, once a month is enough except if the dog is always exposed to outdoor dirt such as mud. Weekly checkup of ears is a must in order to find any signs of infection or irritation. Their ears must always be checked if the dog is being used for hunting or outdoor activities. Cleaning their ears weekly is recommended in order to prevent any possible infection in the future.

Epagneul Breton Dog happy and beautiful

The common life expectancy of Brittanies is in between of 10 and 13 years. These dogs may encounter various health concerns such as infections in their ears, renal diseases, seizures, and hip dysplasia. However, most veterinarians would claim that this breed is quite healthy and rarely to become sick due to their energy and activity. This is why it is recommended for a regular checkup, especially, if the Epagneul Breton is not exposed to outdoor activities regularly.

Epagneul Breton Dog good health

Suitability as a Pet:
The Epagneul Breton is more preferable for spaces with a lot of room to stroll. This is the reason why this is not the perfect pet for a condominium household or an apartment unit. This breed must be exposed for several hours of activities and strolling along the entire neighborhood is not sufficient. A farm or a field is the most ideal place for a Brittany to live. They work side by side with the hunter and are capable of withstanding the outdoor elements when hunting.

Socialization is also a must for Brittanies. If they are left isolated for too long, then, they might become more destructive to objects of interests. It is also a must for them to be trained and exposed with activities from time to time; otherwise, they might become too active which is difficult to tame.

This breed is considered to be of high intelligence. The Epagneul Breton can pass any training when it comes to obedience. However, owners must keep in mind that harsh discipline may make them avoiding to activities. In addition, harsh discipline can also hurt their sensitive side of their personality. The Brittanies are no longer in need of training to efficiently perform in hunting activities. They are born as natural hunters.

Epagneul Breton Dog training hunting bird

Epagneul Breton Organisations in Australia
No club information listed

Epagneul Breton Organisations in the UK
Club de l’Epagneul Breton (France)

Epagneul Breton Organisations in the US
Rescue – French Brittany Gun Dog Association of America
Club de l’Epagneul Breton

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