Breed Category: Hound
Country of Origin: Germany

Average Size: 40-50 cm (at the withers)

Average Weight: 16-18 kg

Average Life Span: 11-13 years

Grooming Requirements: Low
Exercise Requirements: Medium

The Deutsche Bracke is a German foxhound that is bred to hunt game. Though it is capable of hunting all kinds of game, it is most commonly used to hunt hare and foxes. They are often used in pairs or small packs, though they also have a history of working independently and alongside horses. This breed was established in the 1800s, though localised versions of the Deutsche Bracke have likely been around much longer. It is widely suggested that various hounds such as the Greyhound and Bloodhound may have contributed to the current state of this breed. It is often referred to by regional names such as the Olpe Hound or the Westphalian Bracke, which may refer to the different German foxhound breeds that existed prior to the establishment of the al-inclusive Deutsche Bracke. The Deutsche Bracke is a rare breed, seen very infrequently outside of its native Germany.

Deutsche Bracke Dog

The Deutsche Bracke is typically tri-coloured, featuring white, black and various shades of red or yellow. It generally has a white blaze that runs down the middle of its head and a flesh-coloured spot on its black nose. The coat of this breed is short in length and coarse in texture. It requires very little in the form of grooming, as it needs only brushing in order to remove dead hair and keep shedding to a minimum. This breed is like many other hounds in that it has long, thin, low-set ears, a thin, tapering tail and dark, oval-shaped eyes. It has a large, narrow nose and a long, rectangular-shaped body. The average Deutsche Bracke measures 40-50 cm in height and weighs approximately 16-18 kg.

Deutsche Bracke Dog Complete and admirable physical appearance

Though the Deutsche Bracke is very focused on work and is not easily distracted from hunting, its versatile personality allows it to also be a suitable family dog. It is an affectionate breed that generally gets along well with children and other animals. It can easily adapt to other household animals, particularly if introduced at a young age. This is a naturally active breed that is especially skilled at hunting. The Deutsche Bracke also tends to be a talented swimmer. It is important for this breed to have regular physical activity. This is a very headstrong hound whose attention is difficult to divert once it picks up on a scent. It is important that this breed be kept on a leash when walking and protected by a fence when kept in a yard in order to prevent it from wandering off. Though the Deutsche Bracke is not a guard dog, it has a resounding bark that will alert its owner to company. As much as it enjoys hunting, it is also an obedient breed that likes to please its owner.

Deutsche Bracke Dog Geared up and prepared for the upcoming training session

The Deutsche Bracke does not have any known health problems that are specific to this breed. Like many other breeds, it may have hip dysplasia, but its risk of this condition is not greater than that of other breeds. The average Deutsche Bracke lives to be 11-13 years of age.

Deutsche Bracke Dog Inhaling clean air enhances overall health
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