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We no longer breed miniature dachshunds but keep this page going to show off our girls and answer any questions about the breed, where we...

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The Australian Cattle Dog was originally bred to work cattle in the rough inland terrain of Australia. Their sturdy, compact, well-muscled bodies make them powerful...

 Australian Cattle Dog Breeders, Dog Breeders / 248 views

I am an Australian pet portrait artist that has sent commissioned works worldwide. I pride myself on being the most affordable pet portraitist in Australia...

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A small home based kennel where the our dogs are part of the family. Breeding for health, temperament and personality.

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Toriavic Bearded Collies have been breeding and showing in England since 1989. Emigrated to Australia with the tribe in 2004. Breeding healthy, happy, bouncing Beardies...

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My great grandmother on my mother's side of the family showed and bred Dalmatians in the 30's and 40's. She was a very successful exhibitor...

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Having started dog showing with the Great Dane, the Afghan Hound soon became my focus in 2005. Having owned the breed since 2006, I imported...

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