Are you considering getting an Armenian Gampr as your next furry companion? This ancient breed of dog is highly prized in Armenia for its loyalty, strength, and intelligence. With a long history of guarding livestock and homes, the Armenian Gampr is a highly skilled and capable protector. However, this breed is also known for its affectionate and gentle nature towards its family, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a loyal and loving companion. In this article, we will explore the characteristics, history, and care requirements of the Armenian Gampr to help you determine if this breed is the right fit for you.

Breed Category: Livestock Guardian Dog
Country of Origin: Armenia
Average Size:64-74 cm (male), 60-70 cm (female)
Average Weight:40-70 kg (male), 30-50 kg (female)
Average Life Span: 10-12 years
Grooming Requirements: Moderate
Exercise Requirements:High

History and Origin

The Armenian Gampr, also known as the Armenian wolfhound, is a large and powerful breed of dog that has been around for centuries. Its origins can be traced back to the ancient times when the Armenian Highland was inhabited by various tribes and kingdoms. The Gampr was used as a guardian and protector of livestock, as well as a hunting dog.

The breed is believed to have descended from the ancient Molossian dogs, which were used by the Greeks and Romans for hunting and fighting. The Molossian dogs were known for their strength, courage, and loyalty, and these traits were passed down to the Armenian Gampr. Over time, the breed evolved to suit the harsh conditions of the Armenian Highland, developing a thick coat and a muscular build.

The Armenian Gampr was highly valued by the Armenian people, who considered it a symbol of their national identity and heritage. The breed was also used in warfare, as the dogs were trained to attack enemy soldiers and horses. During the Armenian Genocide of 1915, many Gamprs were killed or taken away by the Ottoman Turks, and the breed almost became extinct. However, a few dedicated breeders managed to preserve the breed, and today the Armenian Gampr is recognized as a national treasure of Armenia.

In recent years, the Armenian Gampr has gained popularity outside of Armenia, with breeders in Europe and North America showing an interest in the breed. However, the breed is still relatively rare and is not recognized by major kennel clubs such as the American Kennel Club or the Kennel Club in the UK. This is partly due to the fact that the breed has not been standardized, and there is still some variation in appearance and temperament among individual dogs.

Despite its rarity, the Armenian Gampr is a highly prized breed among those who appreciate its unique qualities. The breed is known for its loyalty, intelligence, and protective instincts, and it makes an excellent guard dog and companion. However, potential owners should be aware that the Armenian Gampr is a large and powerful dog that requires a lot of exercise and socialization. It is not a breed for everyone, but for those who are willing to put in the time and effort, the Armenian Gampr can be a wonderful addition to the family.

Armenian Gampr Dog

Size and Breed Category

The Armenian Gampr is a large breed of dog that originated in Armenia. They are known for their muscular build and strong, sturdy frame. The breed is classified as a molosser, which means they are a type of dog that is characterized by their large size and powerful build. The Armenian Gampr is typically between 24-28 inches tall at the shoulder and can weigh anywhere from 80-140 pounds. They have a thick, double coat that is designed to protect them from the harsh weather conditions of their native land. The coat can come in a variety of colors, including black, brown, and white. The breed is known for their loyalty and protective nature, making them excellent guard dogs.

The Armenian Gampr is a working breed that was originally used for herding and guarding livestock. They are known for their intelligence and ability to think independently, which makes them excellent problem solvers. The breed is also known for their endurance and stamina, which allows them to work long hours in difficult conditions. The Armenian Gampr is a rare breed, and their numbers have been declining in recent years. However, efforts are being made to preserve the breed and promote their unique qualities. The Armenian Gampr is a fascinating breed that is well-suited to a variety of working roles, and they make excellent companions for those who appreciate their strength and loyalty.

Fur Length and Colour

The fur of the Armenian Gampr is typically long and thick, providing excellent insulation against the cold mountainous climate of its native region. The fur is composed of two layers, with a soft undercoat and a coarser outer layer that helps to repel water and snow. The fur can range in colour from solid black or brown to a mix of white, grey, and brown. Some individuals may have a distinctive white patch on their chest or muzzle. The length and thickness of the fur can vary depending on the season, with a thicker coat in the winter months to provide extra warmth.

The colour of the Armenian Gampr’s fur can also vary depending on the specific region where the breed is found. In some areas, individuals may have a reddish-brown coat, while in others, the fur may be more grey or black. The fur may also have a slight wave or curl to it, adding to its insulating properties. The fur is an important characteristic of the breed, as it helps to protect the dog from the harsh weather conditions of the Armenian highlands. Regular grooming is necessary to maintain the health and appearance of the fur, as well as to prevent matting and tangling.

Termperament and Trainability

Armenian Gampr is a breed of dog that is known for its independent and strong-willed temperament. They are highly intelligent and have a natural instinct to protect their family and territory. Due to their independent nature, they require a firm and consistent training approach from an early age. They are not recommended for first-time dog owners as they can be challenging to train. However, with proper socialization and training, they can become loyal and obedient companions. Armenian Gamprs are also known for their high energy levels and require regular exercise to keep them physically and mentally stimulated.

The trainability of Armenian Gamprs is highly dependent on their individual personality and the training methods used. Positive reinforcement techniques such as treats and praise are recommended as they respond well to rewards. However, harsh training methods can lead to a stubborn and uncooperative dog. Armenian Gamprs are also known for their strong prey drive and may require additional training to prevent them from chasing small animals. They are not recommended for apartment living as they require a large outdoor space to run and play. Overall, Armenian Gamprs are a unique breed that requires an experienced owner who can provide them with the proper training and exercise they need to thrive.

Armenian Gampr Dog going on training

Known Health Conditions

Armenian Gamprs are known to be prone to certain health conditions. One of the most common issues is hip dysplasia, which is a genetic condition that affects the hip joint. This can cause pain, stiffness, and difficulty walking. Another condition that Armenian Gamprs may develop is elbow dysplasia, which is a similar condition affecting the elbow joint. This can also cause pain and difficulty moving.

In addition to joint problems, Armenian Gamprs may also be at risk for certain eye conditions. One of these is progressive retinal atrophy, which is a degenerative disease that can lead to blindness. Another eye condition that may affect Armenian Gamprs is cataracts, which can cause cloudiness in the lens of the eye and may require surgery to correct. It is important for owners of Armenian Gamprs to be aware of these potential health issues and to work with their veterinarian to monitor and manage any conditions that may arise.

Armenian Gampr Dog breathing fresh air

Openness to Strangers

Armenian Gamprs are known for their friendly and welcoming nature towards strangers. They are a breed that is naturally curious and eager to explore their surroundings, which often leads them to approach new people with enthusiasm. This breed is not known to be aggressive towards strangers, and they are generally quite tolerant of unfamiliar people and situations. They are also known to be quite affectionate and enjoy spending time with their owners and other people they trust. Overall, the Armenian Gampr is a breed that is well-suited to living in a variety of different environments, and they are often sought after for their friendly and outgoing personalities.

Despite their friendly nature, Armenian Gamprs can be quite protective of their owners and their territory. They are known to be excellent watchdogs, and they will often bark to alert their owners of any potential threats. However, they are not typically aggressive towards strangers, and they are generally quite good at distinguishing between friend and foe. This breed is also known for their loyalty and devotion to their owners, and they will often go to great lengths to protect their family members. Overall, the Armenian Gampr is a breed that is well-suited to living in a variety of different environments, and they are often sought after for their friendly and protective personalities.

Playfulness Level

The Armenian Gampr is a highly energetic and playful breed of dog. They are known for their love of play and their ability to keep their owners entertained for hours on end. Whether it’s playing fetch, chasing after a ball, or simply running around in circles, the Armenian Gampr is always up for a good time. They are also highly social animals and love to interact with other dogs and people. This makes them an ideal pet for families with children or for those who enjoy an active lifestyle.

Despite their playful nature, the Armenian Gampr is also a highly intelligent breed of dog. They are quick learners and respond well to training, making them an excellent choice for those who are looking for a pet that is both fun and easy to train. They are also highly adaptable animals and can thrive in a variety of different environments, from small apartments to large homes with plenty of outdoor space. Overall, the Armenian Gampr is a highly versatile and playful breed of dog that is sure to bring joy and entertainment to any household.

Suitability as a Pet for Children

Armenian Gamprs have a friendly and loyal temperament, making them a great choice as a pet for children. They are also highly intelligent and easy to train, which can be beneficial for families with young children who are learning how to care for a pet. Additionally, Armenian Gamprs are known for their protective nature, which can provide a sense of security for children and their families. However, it is important to note that Armenian Gamprs require regular exercise and socialization to prevent any potential behavioral issues.

Exercise Needs

Armenian Gamprs are highly active dogs that require a significant amount of exercise to maintain their physical and mental well-being. As a large breed, they need plenty of space to run and play, making them better suited to homes with large yards or access to open spaces. A daily walk of at least an hour is recommended, but they will benefit from additional exercise such as hiking, running, or playing fetch. It is important to note that Armenian Gamprs have a strong prey drive and should always be kept on a leash or in a securely fenced area to prevent them from chasing after small animals.

In addition to physical exercise, Armenian Gamprs also require mental stimulation to prevent boredom and destructive behavior. They are intelligent dogs that enjoy learning new things, so training sessions and interactive toys can be a great way to keep them mentally engaged. Socialization is also important for Armenian Gamprs, as they can be wary of strangers and other dogs if not properly socialized from a young age. Regular trips to the dog park or playdates with other friendly dogs can help them develop good social skills and prevent aggression towards other animals.

Armenian Gampr Dog walk exercise

Suitability for a Multi-Pet Family

Armenian Gamprs have a reputation for being fiercely protective of their families. This can sometimes lead to conflicts with other pets in the household, especially if they are seen as a threat. However, with proper socialization and training, many Gamprs can learn to coexist peacefully with other animals. It is important to introduce them to other pets slowly and carefully, and to supervise their interactions until you are confident that they can get along.

Housing Requirements

Armenian Gampr dogs require a spacious and secure living environment. They are active and energetic dogs that need plenty of room to move around and play. A large, fenced yard is ideal for them to run and explore. They also need a comfortable and warm shelter to rest in, especially during cold weather. The shelter should be well-insulated and protected from the elements. It should be big enough for the dog to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably. A soft and clean bedding material should be provided to ensure their comfort and hygiene.

In addition to a suitable living space, Armenian Gampr dogs require regular exercise and mental stimulation. They are intelligent and independent dogs that need daily walks and playtime to keep them physically and mentally healthy. They also benefit from training and socialization to help them develop good behavior and social skills. Owners should provide them with plenty of toys and activities to keep them entertained and prevent boredom. A balanced and nutritious diet is also essential for their overall health and well-being. Owners should consult with a veterinarian to determine the appropriate diet and feeding schedule for their Armenian Gampr.


The Armenian Gampr has a long history of being a loyal and protective companion to its owners. They are known for their intelligence and adaptability, making them suitable for a variety of living situations. However, potential owners should be aware of their strong protective instincts and need for socialization and training. Overall, the Armenian Gampr can make a great pet for those who are willing to put in the time and effort to properly care for and train them.


Armenian Gampr Dog FAQS

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Armenian Gamprs are intelligent and trainable, but they can be stubborn at times. Consistent and positive training methods are recommended.

Yes, Armenian Gamprs are known for their protective nature and make excellent guard dogs.

Yes, Armenian Gamprs are known to be good with children and make great family pets.

Armenian Gamprs are generally a healthy breed, but they can be prone to hip dysplasia and bloat. Regular vet check-ups are recommended.

No, Armenian Gamprs are a large breed and require a lot of space to move around. They are better suited for homes with a yard or outdoor space.

Yes, Armenian Gamprs are an active breed and require daily exercise and mental stimulation.

Yes, Armenian Gamprs have a thick double coat and shed moderately throughout the year. Regular grooming is necessary to maintain their coat.

Armenian Gamprs have a lifespan of 10-12 years on average. Proper diet, exercise, and regular vet check-ups can help prolong their lifespan.

An Armenian Gampr can grow up to 70-90 cm in height.

The average weight of an Armenian Gampr is between 40-70 kg.