Male Height (typical): 43-53 cm. (17-21 inches)
Female Height (typical):
46-51 cm. (18-20 inches)      
Size: Small – Medium
Male Weight (typical): 16-18 kg. (35-40 pounds)
Female Weight (typical):
13.5-18 kg. (30-40 pounds)
Country of Origin:
Exercise Required: Daily walks, Backyard play
Expected Life Span: 10 – 12 Years
Best suited as:
Working Dog, Family Pet
Other names: American Brittany, Epagneul Breton

Description – The Brittany Spaniel is a medium sized dog with an appearance of a typical Spaniel except for their smaller size. This allows them to get into tighter spaces when hunting that larger Spaniels can’t access. There are several breeds of Brittany Spaniel with the French and American being the most common. The main difference between the two is that the American breed is slightly taller and faster and lends itself to a different hunting style. Where the French breed is normally at the heel of the hunter or certainly within view, the American breed is more cavalier in its approach to game and will pursue its quarry on its own and outside the direct control of the hunter. In addition to being excellent hunting companions, they are also great family pets and love to play. The dog’s high energy level suits a family well with small children who are looking for a friend to play with. The dog is loyal and craves the attention of its masters.

Origin & History – The name Brittany comes from the French province where they originated and helps to establish the breed’s long history. Even though they are now very popular the world over, they were started in France. The original breed looked like a cross between the Orange Setter and the White Setter and another dog whose lineage is not very well known. These early breeds gave way to several variants that are today divided primarily between France and the United States.

Temperament – This breed has many qualities that make it an excellent hunter and companion. They are gentle around people but very tenacious when hunting. They learn quickly and can apply these lessons on their own without supervision. They are also very independent hunters and will venture out on their own in pursuit of prey. They are good with families and can be excellent around children once they come to know them. Initially they may be hesitant to engage smaller children but over time will come to think of them as part of the pack. They crave the attention of people and seek positive reinforcement. They are most happy in an active and loving environment with the freedom to explore.

Exercise & Grooming – The grooming needs of the Brittany Spaniel are minimal and only involve a regular brushing of their coats. Bathing is only recommended if they are especially dirt and should be avoided otherwise as it can lead to dry skin conditions. They need abundant exercise and either a daily walk or outdoor play is essential to their health. If they are used for hunting this will be plenty of exercise for them and should keep them trim and fit. If there are children in the home, their playtime will help to fulfill the dog’s needs for feedback and human interaction.

Health Concerns – The Brittany Spaniel is a smaller dog and will be able to avoid the health concerns of many larger breeds. They have no known ailments related to their breed and if kept indoors and well cared for, will live a long life. Their biggest health treat is while hunting and care should be taken to avoid fast moving rivers or other outdoor hazards that may put the dog in danger. They should also be checked for fleas and ticks if used as a hunting dog as these are constant threats to their comfort and health.


Brittany Spaniel Organisations in Australia
Club L’Epagneul Breton Inc

Brittany Spaniel Organisations in the UK
The Brittany Club of Great Britain

Brittany Spaniel Organisations in the US
American Brittany Rescue
Brittany Spaniel Club of Ontario

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