Breed Family: Gun Dog
Country of Origin: Hungary
Size: Medium, height 53-63cm, weight 18-32kg
Also Known as: Hungarian Vizsla, Hungarian Pointer, Magyar Vizsla
Lifespan: 10-12 years
Care Requirements: Medium
Exercise Requirements: High

General information and Appearance
The Vizsla is beautiful, lean dog bred for hunting. Vizslas are visually similar to the Weimaraner, except for a leaner build and shiny, red coat. These dogs are accomplished hunters as well as affectionate family members.

This breed is notable for its shorthaired and elegant coat. The coat is usually called golden-rust although some variations of the shade include copper, russet gold or solid rust. Vizslas have thick, short hair, without an undercoat.

The bodies of these dogs are typically slightly longer than they are tall. This breed is a pointer, and as such, traditionally their tails are docked. Some legislation in Australia bans the docking of tails, so Vizslas with full-length tails are not uncommon.

The head has noble appearance, with a wide, domed skull and narrowed muzzle. Vizslas have pale noses that tend to blend in with the coat colour. The dog has a moderately wide chest and the body narrows at the hindquarters. The rib cage is distinct on the thin but muscled frame.

Vizslas are affectionate, loving and intelligent dogs. Many people find that this dog is especially trainable. This breed is particularly high energy. They need plenty of exercise and the freedom to run around once in a while. A fenced in yard with room to roam would be a good fit for this dog, but in tighter spaces, numerous long walks will suffice. Vizslas are not generally aggressive, but sometimes they can unintentionally harm small children in their excitement. Early training can help reduce the tendency to jump.

Vizslas are loving and loyal. They have a tendency to follow their owners about the house. They will want to be constantly next to their families, so keeping them off of the furniture will be a challenge. This breed can be sensitive, so a gentle approach is best in training. They have also been known to suffer from separation anxiety. They will cry if they do not get enough attention or are left for long periods of time.

Health Issues
Vizslas overall are very healthy and durable dogs. There have been isolated incidents of hip dysplasia and epilepsy seen in this breed. Australian breeders are particularly vigilant in ensuring that breeding lines are up to the healthiest standards. Breeders keep history so it is always important to inquire about the health of a future pet.

Grooming and Care
The Vizsla only has one coat of short hair. This dog does shed, although not as heavily as many other breeds and the hairs are short. Occasional brushing will help to remove dead hairs. They only need baths when necessary, and generally self-cleaning. Interestingly enough, many owners believe that Vizslas lack the odour typical of a dog. Vizslas that spend a lot of time in the water, as this breed tends to do, will begin to have an odour.

Suitability as Pet In Australia
Vizslas are excellent family pets. They are incredibly loyal and loving members of the family. This breed is not a good fit to people who are not home frequently as the dog will need plenty of love, attention and exercise.


Due to the exercise requirements of this dog, the best fit is a large space for the dog to run. A fenced in yard is always a plus, but any place where the dog can run will suit the Vizsla. In addition, a lot of play will keep this dog healthy and happy. When this breed does not have enough exercise, it has a tendency to act out. Freedom to run or long brisk walks will keep the happy. Additionally, this dog is ideal for joggers and cyclists.

Vizslas are intelligent and trainable. Training should begin as early as possible. They have natural hunting instincts and will chase after animals. They should be introduced early on the small animals if they are to coexist in a home with other animals.

Vizslas are indoor, family dogs. They are ideal companions and wonderful watchdogs. They will love all members of the family with great affection. They are not a good fit for anyone seeking and independent dog or a dog used strictly for hunting. This dog brings gentleness and love to any home.

Vizsla, short-haired and wire-haired Organisations in Australia
No club information listed

Vizsla, short-haired and wire-haired Organisations in the UK
Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Association

Vizsla, short-haired and wire-haired Organisations in the US
United Kennel Club: Hungarian Wire-Haired Vizsla
American Kennel Club – Wirehaired Vizsla News

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