Breed Family: Terriers
Country of Origin: United States
Size: Small, height 25cm, weight 1.5-3kg
Also Known as: American Toy Terrier, Amertoy
Lifespan: 13-14 years
Care Requirements: Medium
Exercise Requirements: Medium

General information and Appearance
Toy Fox Terriers descent from the Fox Terrier, which is larger. The resulting breed is athletic, intelligent and courageous. They love to play and live actively. These dogs are a good fit for families, and also make excellent hunting companions.
This breed has a thin, muscular build with square proportions. The head is wide at the top and narrows at the muzzle. The dog has large eyes that are dark and usually appear intelligent and alert. The ears are large and v-shaped, and stand erect on top of the head.

The neck of the Toy Fox Terrier is erect and the head is held high, which adds to appearance of alertness. This dog is small, but its musculature is well developed, which increases the athleticism of the strong breed.

This breed has a shiny, smooth coat, which is usually well groomed naturally. The most common colour is tri-colour, which features a mostly black head with tan markings and a white body. This breed can also have brown heads with tan markings with white bodies. Some dogs are either white and tan or white and black. Whether or not the dogs have spots, they always have predominantly white body.

Toy Fox Terriers are an intelligent breed. They do take on many terrier characteristics, including determination and sometimes stubbornness. The best way to combat against this tendency is establish dominance early on. The dog must understand that it is not the pack leader and all of the negative behaviours will not be an issue.

The cleverness of these dogs makes them very easy to train. Not only are they able to comprehend many different commands, they are eager to please. As a robust little dog, they are very alert and pay excellent attention.

This breed makes a very good housedog. They get along well with children. Toy breeds in general are not always recommended for people with very small children, but with training of the dog and teaching of the children, they can coexist peacefully and happily. These dogs are loving, affectionate and loyal.

Health Issues
Toy Fox Terriers are robust and healthy dogs. There are some instances of health problems that are more common in toy dogs including Legg-Calvé-Perthes syndrome (a condition affecting the hip bones) and stiffle (a condition that causes dislocation of the kneecap). These are uncommon, however. When looking in to purchasing any breed of dog, it is important to contact the breeder to learn about family health history. Breeders in Australia are particularly diligent about having clean bloodlines and healthy dogs.

Grooming and Care
This breed has smooth, short hair. The coat only requires occasional brushing to remove dead hairs. This breed does frequently shed the short hairs about the house. The dog needs to be bathed only when necessary. One other consideration with this breed is oral health. Tarter build-up is frequent ailment of small dogs, but can be prevented with teeth brushing and dental bones.

Suitability as Pet In Australia
Toy Fox Terriers are well suited for life in Australia. They make wonderful family pets or hunting companions. The small, energetic dogs can be kept in apartments or flats as long as they are taken for one walk a day. The rest of their exercise needs can be met through playing fetch indoors.

These dogs can also be kept in areas with a lot of land as they would enjoy roaming about. They are sensitive to the cold and should not be kept outdoors all day. If they live in a colder climate, they may require a coat for outdoor walks. As with most breeds, they will act up without sufficient exercise.

Toy Fox Terriers do well in family life. They enjoy the company of children. Naturally alert and active, many children enjoy playing with these dogs as they tend to retain puppy-like qualities of excitement and enthusiasm in adulthood. Establishing the pack leader is important with any breed of dog, but particularly in terriers. Terriers are loving and affectionate, but can be stubborn and unwilling to bend their plans. All members of the family must ensure that the dog understands where it belongs and it will not fight for control. Loving and happy, this bounding little dog brings joy and affection into many homes.

Toy Fox Terrier Organisations in Australia
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Toy Fox Terrier Organisations in the UK
Toy Fox Terrier Rescue

Toy Fox Terrier Organisations in the US
American Toy Fox Terrier Club

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