Breed Family: Schnauzer Country of Origin: Germany Size: Medium, height 43-51cm, weight 12-23kg Also Known as: Schnauzer, Mittelschnauzer, Wirehair Pinscher Lifespan: 13-16 years Care Requirements: Medium/High Exercise Requirements: High General information and Appearance The Standard Schnauzer is a distinguished dog with square proportions. With sturdy limbs and heavy body, this dog is strong and rugged. This breed has a rectangular head and blunt muzzle that is proportionally quite long. The eyes are oval shaped and dark, but their most distinct features are the eyebrows and beards. While many Schnauzers have cropped ears, they are sometimes left naturally. The body of this dog is compact and gives the impression of bulk and strength. The neck is arched and thick and the back is shorter and makes a straight but slight slope downward. The legs are straight and also very thick. This breed has a double coat. The undercoat is dense and soft while the outer coat thick and wiry. Typically, the hairs near the ears, head, neck chest and belly and trimmed rather short. Hairs on the eyebrows and muzzle give the dogs their trademarked look. The coat is most commonly pepper and salt, although black Schnauzers are seen from time to time. Temperament This excellent family dog will bring its exuberance and energy into any home. The Schnauzer is particularly intelligent and, as such, can be easy to train because of their ability to learn and retain commands. This dog cannot be trained without a confident owner able to assert as an alpha. Without this role, the dog will be disobedient, aggressive and dominant. While all dog breeds need a pack leader, this one in particular needs a strong leader to avoid negative social behaviours. A properly trained dog of this breed is affectionate and playful. They are wonderful companions for adults or children. They are protective, which can lead to wariness of strangers or excessive barking, but training and socialisation can reduce these problems. These dogs tend to have quite a bit of energy. A slow-paced daily walk will be insufficient to meet their exercise needs. A quick walk or jog is necessary. An ideal situation is a place where the dog can run free from time to time. Another good idea for this job is playing games like flyball and training for agility competitions. Not only will these help the dog expend its energy, but they will also encourage mental stimulation. Health Issues Standard Schnauzers are incredibly healthy dogs. Health problems with this breed are quite rare. Two of the problems seen with this dog are hip dysplasia and tumours. Both of these are not seen very often in the robust breed. Breeders are very vigilant about breeding healthy dogs. Inherited diseases are rare in Australia, where the breeders pay special attention to health and ensure that the bloodlines are clear of disease. Grooming and Care This breed has both an over coat and an undercoat which require care. The undercoat is thick, full and soft, but it must be brushed or combed frequently to prevent matting. This breed does shed, however the shedding is very light to the point where it is difficult to notice. Twice a year, the tough and thick hairs of the coat are described as blown, implying that the hairs are dead and easy to remove by pulling. Owners will pluck these hairs off of the dog, called striping or plucking. This process is painless for the dog and makes room for a new coat to grow in. Owners that do not strip the coats can cut them with scissors. The cutting does change the hair’s texture. Dogs that are shown are to have thick hair, so most owners that show the dogs do not clip as the hairs become softer and lose their wiry quality. Most of these professionals only clip the long hairs of the bear and eyebrows to maintain the same overall style. Suitability as Pet In Australia The Standard Schnauzer is lovable family pet. They can thrive in different living situations, even small spaces like apartments or flat. The most important factor is that they have sufficient exercise. This dog is a good fit for an active family, as the dog would enjoy a jog, or even running alongside a cyclist. For non-athletes, a safe place to run off leash can help release the energy. This breed is particularly enthusiastic and playful. They do well in families with children as both enjoy playing with each other. They are excellent guard dogs and will be alert and fearless when defending the home. These dogs are also working dogs. They work in search and rescue, as therapy dogs and as excellent guard dogs. Due to their intelligence, they enjoy having tasks to complete. Whether working or playing, they bring enthusiasm and joy wherever they go. Standard Schnauzer Organisations in Australia  No club information listed Standard Schnauzer Organisations in the UK Schnauzer Club of Great Britain Standard Schnauzer Organisations in the US Standard Schnauzer Club of America Web Site Standard Schnauzer Club of Canada Did we miss your organisation?  Let us know. Contact Us