Breed Family: Gun Dogs
Country of Origin: The Netherlands
Size: Medium, height 49-53cm, weight 18-25kg
Also Known as: Frisian Pointer, Stabij, Beike, Staby
Lifespan: 13-14 years
Care Requirements: Low/Medium
Exercise Requirements: Medium

General information and Appearance
The Stabyhoun is a rare dog with a small population that still resides primarily in the Netherlands. The dog is sturdy, sound and athletic and was bred for hunting and pointing. This breed is slightly longer than it is tall, but is certainly not low to the ground. The head is low and slightly domed with a wide muzzle and large nose. The ears are not entirely flat against the head and are shaped like a trowel.

These dogs have long coats, which are mostly straight but can wavy in some places. The hair on the ears is feathered. The hair on the legs and tail are longer and puffed out, but not feathered. The coat is most often black and white, sometimes with spotty of either colour. There are a few Stabyhouns in existence with a orange coat and white markings. A roan colour is acceptable in the white areas of this dog, without becoming tri-coloured.

Very strict rules govern the breeding of the Stabyhoun due to the rarity of this dog. Breeders are to heavily limit inbreeding and ensure the upmost health of the dogs that are bred. This dog is a kept mostly in the Netherlands, where locals value them for hunting, catching moles, keeping watch and acting as members of the family.

Stabyhouns have very mild temperaments. They are calm and gentle and interact very well with children. They are great family pets and are especially patient. They are not prone to aggression and can actually be rather quiet, although they are still social. These dogs also get along with other pets, especially when properly socialised from an early age. They are devoted and affectionate, and many enjoy frequent physical contact with their owners.

These dogs need a lot of exercise. They are the best fit for people who enjoy being active outdoors. They make good companions for hunters as they plenty of endurance, but are also very patient on the hunt. They will enjoy playing outside for long periods of time, playing fetch or swimming. A water-lover by nature, these dogs greatly enjoy the opportunity to play in the water. If this dog does not have sufficient exercise, it can start to act up in the home.

This is dog is both intelligent and eager to please, which is makes it fairly easy to train. Some dogs that are highly intelligent can tend to be wilful if not trained properly. The owner must be established as the pack leader and this dog will happily fall in line with a gentle but firm command. They can sometimes be shy of strangers, so socialisation should begin early and often to prevent over-shyness.

Health Issues
A hearty breed by nature, this dog is able to withstand difficult conditions and tough weather. They do not have many genetic problems, if any at all. Because the breeding is carefully monitored, the more common dog issues, including hip dysplasia and epilepsy, have not been in seen in this breed for many years.

Grooming and Care
The grooming requirements for this dog are quite low. Their coat requires occasional combing or brushing to remove and prevent tangles. When the dog sheds heavily twice a year, a little extra brushing will help remove the dead hairs. The coat of this breed is very sleek, and as such, tends to get rid of dirt on its own. Regular washing is actually not recommended for this breed, as it can change the quality of the coat. The dogs may actually begin to smell and retain more dirt if washed too much.

Suitability as Pet In Australia
These dogs can be happy living in a family or as hunter’s companion. As long as they have plenty of exercise, they can live in small homes. A good fit for this dog is a home with a medium-sized fenced in yard where they can roam and explore. A daily walk will also help meet these needs. A dog that has ways to expend its energy will be very calm living indoors.

This dog is a good fit for families, and particularly those with children. The Stabyhoun is patient, loving and tolerant with children. They are not known to snap, nip or bite and their gentle nature is safe for children.

This dog would be an excellent retriever for a hunter. They are patient, calm and even-keeled, but when it is time for retrieving it is quick and athletic both on land and in the water. It has great amounts of endurance and tends to leave the prey in one piece.

This dog is quite rare. The entire population is very small and is located primarily in the Netherlands. Locating a dog of this breed may take some determination but when found, it is a loving and gentle companion.