Breed Family: Terrier
Country of Origin: Scotland
Size: Small, height 25.5cm, weight 11.5-18kg
Also Known as: Skye
Lifespan: 12-15 years
Care Requirements: Medium/High
Exercise Requirements: Medium

General information and Appearance
The Skye Terrier is a very rare breed originating in Scotland. It is elegant and strong, with a body set low to the ground. This dog is rectangular in nature and proportionally its body is actually twice as long as its height. The body is medium sized and the head is large, while the legs are very short. The muzzle is tapered. The eyes are dark, although they can be difficult to see under the fluff of hair on the dogs face.

The ears are erect as this breed is usually a very alert dog. The legs are short while the feet are long. This dog has a long tail that arcs from the straight back. This dog is low to the ground, but is surprisingly agile and also quite strong.
The coat is a double coat. The undercoat is woolly and soft. The outer coat is tough and straight. The hair is long, with an ideal coat measures about 14 cm. The coat length is not a necessity, however, and can be trimmed shorter at the owners preference. Common colours include fawn, blue, black, grey-blue, grey, silver or cream.

This little dog is a bundle of energy, excitement and fun. They love to play and be pet. This dog is great companion and is incredibly loyal. They might have a tendency to be wary of strangers at first because of their extreme devotion to their families, but they are generally not aggressive.

Terriers in general can be a bit stubborn and wilful. In training, they need an owner is a clear alpha in the home. If given the chance, this dog will rule the home. They are also susceptible to small dog syndrome, which is caused by human failure to correct and train a smaller dog. They need to be trained with a consistent, firm plan in order to learn and succeed.

When trained, this dog is affectionate and loving. They enjoy spending time with their families. This breed can also be trained in competitions such as agility, obedience or tracking. They are eager to learn in the proper circumstances and can actually be very polite.

Health Issues
The Skye Terrier is overall a healthy breed with few health concerns. One problem they can develop due to their low set bodies and short legs is Skye Limp, which damages the growth plate. It is important to carefully exercise a dog of this breed when it is still a puppy to prevent this. Another issue these dogs can develop is degenerative disc disease. Breeders usually keep a careful history of breed health and can be the best at answering questions about the health of the pups, as they work hard to prevent the spread of unhealthy diseases.

Grooming and Care
This coat can require quite a bit of maintenance if kept long. The coat begins to mat easily and must be brushed frequently to avoid this. The undercoat as well as the overcoat must be brushed daily. Additionally, if the coat is kept long, it must be trimmed occasionally to ensure that the hairs are not touching the ground. These dogs can be clipped shorter if they will not be shown.

Suitability as Pet In Australia
The biggest obstacle to obtaining a Skye Terrier in Australia is locating one. As this dog is a very rare breed, most of them live in the UK. While breeders are working to increase the population of these dogs, it remains small.

If Skye Terriers were readily available in Australia, however, they would be well-suited for life here. A Skye can live in an apartment or flat as long as they have a chance to exercise. They need a walk each day, but the rest of the exercise can take indoors playing fetch. Insufficient exercise can cause the dog to misbehave at home.

These dogs are good family dogs and cheerful companions. They tend to be fearless, which can also make them stubborn. Terriers are not always recommended for first time dog owners, who do not understand what is needed to establish pack order in the home. With the proper training, however, these dogs are among the most loyal, affectionate and loving of breeds.

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