Country of Origin: U.S.A.
Weight: 10-25kg (22-55 lbs.)
47-60cm (18.5-23.5) inches at the shoulder (withers)
Grooming Requirements:
Exercise Requirements: Moderate
Popularity in Australia:
Dog Type: Sighthound
Most suited As: Companions
Also known As: Silken
Expected Life Span: 14-20 years
In the 1960’s dogs were bred that would eventually become the Silken Windhound. These were genetically Whippets and a mystery canine was utilised for the small size and longhair gene. In the 80’s Borzoi was added to the gene pool, and the small sighthound called known as the Silken Windhound was born.

Now an established breed recognized by several clubs including the UKC, this dog has gained popularity throughout the USA and Europe.

The Silken Windhound is an extremely intelligent, affectionate breed with a desire to please. Easily housebroken, and usually gentle with children, these dogs make excellent family pets. They are still Sighthounds, and will run off chasing small creatures that they catch sight of. They should be properly socialised to other family pets, and have a fence to keep them safe.

Watchdog qualities
This dog is friendly and affectionate, even to strangers. They may let you know that you have a visitor, but they are not guard dogs.

Backyard/Exercise Requirements
Being a breed of Sighthound, this dog needs to have plenty of room to run, and should be walked or jogged on a leash daily. They are an excellent breed to train for obstacle courses, racing, and agility competitions.

Size/weight and Colour
The Silken Windhound can weigh from 10-25kgs, with the females being on the lower end of the scale. They may stand 47-60cm (less than 2 feet) tall at the shoulder. They come in every colour, and combination of colour. Silken’s have a sleek body type, but not thin. Their fur is soft, silky, and may be straight or curly with fringe around the face, legs, and tail.

An occasional bath and a weekly brushing is all that is necessary for this dog. Their shedding is low to moderate, depending on weather, the dog’s health, and the female’s cycle. Of course, if they have the opportunity to run and chase the way they love to do, they will go through mud, brambles, and anything else that gets in their way. In this case you would expect to groom more often.

No genetic anomalies have been found to be present in Silken Windhounds. To date there has been no sign of significant health issues of any kind.

Dog Sports/Activities
This breed needs the exercise basic to any sighthound. If you are not a hunter, train them for competitions, or at least walk and jog them daily. They need running room, but also a fence to contain them so they can’t chase small animals across roads or through fields.

Livestock work
Not appropriate as a herding dog due to the strong instinct to chase.

Females average 6-8 pups to a litter. The bitch should be 18 months old before her first breeding to insure maturity and decrease chances of complications.

Silken Windhound Organisations in Australia
 No club information listed

Silken Windhound Organisations in the US
UK Silken Windhound Club
UK Silken Windhound Club – Breed

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