Male Height (typical): 71-76 cm. (28-30 inches)
Female Height (typical):
66-71 cm. (26-28 inches)
Size: Small – Medium – Large
Male Weight (typical): 54-65 kg. (110-140 pounds)
Female Weight (typical): 35-54 kg. (80-120 pounds)
Country of Origin:
United States
Exercise Required: Daily long walks.
Expected Life Span: 12 – 14 Years
Best suited as: Working Dog, Family Pet
Other names:

Description – This breed is a very close relative of the German Shepherd with a slightly larger and more powerful frame. It shares the original breeds speed and power and makes a wonderful pet for owners looking for a smart and loyal companion. Like the standard Shepherd, the Shiloh has a very balanced build that allows it to run quickly with a very even stride. Its coat is thick enough to protect it from the elements and is naturally resistant to dirt and water. The somewhat larger frame gives the dog an impressive stance that may be misleading to people unaware of the dogs more gentle nature.

Origin & History – The Shiloh Shepherd is a breed derived from the original and better-known German Shepherd. This branch of Shepherd was started to expand on the many great qualities of the original shepherd and introduce a more balanced demeanor and higher intelligence. The Shiloh Shepherd is the dog this breeding produced and resulted in a dog that is very easy-going, slightly larger and more easily trained than the original breed. The Shiloh Shepherd has been used for all types of activities such as rescue, herding, sight assistance and as a great family pet. The mix of loyal personality and high intelligence makes him a very trainable dog and a lot of fun to have around the home.

Temperament – One of the main concerns with the original breed of Shepherd was their aggressive temperament. Although these dogs could be domesticated over time, they were somewhat unpredictable. The Shiloh Shepherd was bred to eliminate most of this aggression and is a much gentler dog that helps it easily fit into almost any family. It has a natural willingness to please and will play for hours once engaged by the family. Training the Shiloh Shepherd is a breeze and it can learn a wide range of commands over time. The dog is actually happier when pleasing people and learning new commands will allow it to keep both of you happy. This breed gets along with other pets and will welcome strangers into its circle easily.

Exercise & Grooming – Regular brushing of the coat is all the grooming the Shiloh Shepherd requires. The dog is a constant shedder and this regular brushing help to eliminate loose hair from collecting on your floors and carpets. During shedding season this brushing can speed the shedding process along and help keep the dogs coat looking great. Frequent baths are not needed as bathing actually removes the natural oils that protect its coat. Moderate exercise through regular walks or play will help keep the dog in great shape. These can be shorter walks but need to be fairly brisk to allow the dog to burn off any excess energy.

Health Concerns – One advantage to the careful breeding of the Shiloh Shepherd is that they suffer less from hip dysplasia than the standard breed. This is an advantage as most larger dogs have trouble with this as they age. The one problem the Shiloh Shepherd could encounter is a digestive condition. This can vary from dog to dog but may require a change in diet to control. These digestive problems may involve the dog’s inability to absorb nutrients from their food or even bloating of their midsection. All of these symptoms can be diagnosed and controlled with the help of your veterinarian.

Shiloh Shepherd Organisations in Australia
 No club information listed

Shiloh Shepherd Organisations in the UK
Shiloh Rescue Network

Shiloh Shepherd Organisations in the US
Shiloh Shepherd™ Dog Club of America, Inc.
North East Shiloh Shepherd Association (NESSA)

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