Male Height (typical): 25-30 cm. (10-12 inches)
Female Height (typical):
25-30 cm. (10-12 inches) Size: Small
Male Weight (typical): 5-6 kg. (10-13 pounds) Female Weight (typical): 5-6 kg. (10-13 pounds)
Country of Origin:
Exercise Required: Daily long walks.
Expected Life Span: 11 – 13 Years Best suited as: Working Dog, Family Pet
Other names: Black Fell Terrier

Description – The Patterdale Terrier is a smaller breed that is used for rousting game and also makes a great family pet. It can be found with a variety of coat styles that include a short coat, broken long and short coat or an entire long coat of fur that covers its whole body and face. The breed also features an undercoat as well for some of these variations. This coat can present a collection of colors such as black, tan and red with dustings of white on the chest. The animal has a wedged shaped head with eyes that match their coat color. The nose is typically black except for dogs with brown coats where the nose is liver colored to match. This breed has a powerful frame that is well proportioned and provides for great mobility and speed when running.

Origin & History – This breed is one variety of the Fell Terriers that can be found in the mountainous country between northern England and southern Scotland. It is named for the village where it originated called Patterdale and has been consistently bred since the 1950’s. It was originally designed to chase foxes from their lairs as a protection for the many flocks of sheep that grazed nearby. The terrain of its native homeland is very rocky with steep inclines and this breed is well suited to thrive here. Its small size and amazing agility provide the perfect combination of attributes to allow it to chase predators out from their hiding places in a hunt.

Temperament – The Patterdale Terrier is at home in both the hunt and playing with the family. It is known as a tenacious hunter that has the stamina to withstand an all day hunt in difficult weather. It is also a very social dog and loves to play with children. It is a smart dog and is very sensitive to affection from its owners. It can adapt to a pack readily and is also fine as a lone dog in a home. Because of its small size it is the perfect pet for larger homes and apartments alike and will thrive around children. The key to its happiness is plenty of exercise and a loving family.

Exercise & Grooming – The breed is accustomed to the rigors of hunting and has a very high energy level while on the hunt. While indoors it can be more docile and will find a comfortable place to relax within a close proximity to a family member. Its exercise requirements are reasonable and a long brisk walk daily will suffice. Free runs in a backyard are also preferred to allow it to stretch its legs at speed if not hunting regularly. The dog normally uses these hunts to release its aggression and if not exercised regularly it may pick fights with other dogs in the home. The dog also needs to be taught to heel while walking and looks for a strong owner to point the way. The Patterdale Terrier is a low maintenance breed and will do just fine with an occasional brushing. Its coat will easily repel dirt and other debris and doesn’t give off the “doggy smell” of other breeds with longer coats.

Health Concerns – The Patterdale Terrier has no inherent heath concerns and will live a long life if properly cared for. Because they are a smaller breed, there is always the threat of injury when they are around larger, more aggressive dogs and care should be taken to avoid this. The key to a happy dog is the right exercise and diet and spending the time needed to welcome him into the home.

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Patterdale Terrier Club of America

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Patterdale Terrier Club of America
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