MOST SUITED AS The long haired Chow Chow had various roles in the past, including hunting dog and as an item on Chinese menus. Today it is a vigilant family pet.

The shoulder-height is 48 – 56cm (181/2 – 22in) for dogs and 46 – 51cm (18 – 20in) for bitches.

The coat consists of long erect hairs and the colours that are most common are plain red, black, blue, and cream. Chow Chows have a blue tongue and blue pigmentation.

The long haired Chow Chow needs regular thorough brushing, especially in those places where tangles may form. Get the young dog used to this ritual so that grooming does not become a battle of wills when it is fully grown and stronger.

This breed has a mind of its own but is calm and noble, independent, dominant, vigilant, brave, demanding of itself, and full of character.

The future owner of this breed needs to be a calm person who is naturally equable and exu­des authority. With such a handler, the Chow Chow can develop well. Do not expect great obedience from them – they are born stubborn and with a mind of their own. The dogs can learn because they are certainly not stupid but they must see the point of your command. It is important to be consistent at all times with them.

The majority of long haired Chow Chows are dominant towards other dogs. In contrast, they are usually good with children. They need to be introduced when young to cats and your other household animals to prevent problems. The long haired Chow Chow is somewhat reserved in the company of strangers.

This breed does not need a great deal of exercise but does like to be out of doors. Make sure that they have a cool place to which they can withdraw because they do not like hot weather.

Long Haired Chow Chow Organisations in Australia
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Long Haired Chow Chow Organisations in the UK
Chequamegon Humane Association

Long Haired Chow Chow Organisations in the US
Chow Chow Club, Inc. – A Chow Chows Physical Description
Katann Chow Rescue of Southwestern Minnesota

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