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The history of the Deerhound can be found in more detail on many websites and books, so I shall be brief on this subject. They are an ancient breed which originated in Scotland for the hunting of Red Deer. For this purpose they were bred with strength, stamina and courage. They were a prized possession by Clan chieftains. In the early 19th century a decline in the breed occured which was due to the introduction of sporting guns and the decreasing amount of forestation due to farming. In 1831 a renewed interest in the breed took hold and with dedicated breeding of only the best dogs we now see the breed we have today. Little has changed from the dogs of yesteryear to today, except that todays dog may be taller. The Deerhound is a human-orientated breed and loves the company of his family. It is not a breed that can be kept in a kennel for long periods as he is as much as a companion dog as he is a hunter. The Deerhound, as a rule, is not an aggressive breed, infact he can be very sensitive and will sulk and hound you for forgiveness if scolded. They are a very loving dog and would sit in your lap if they could fit. They love to nuzzle, and most of all they love their ear rubs. As written by Kay Barrett, author of Living with Deerhounds, ” Gentle and friendly. Obedient and easy to train because eager to please. Docile and good tempered, never suspicious, aggressive or nervous. Carries himself with quiet dignity.”

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