MOST SUITED AS Guard-dog for the herd.

The shoulder-height is a minimum of 65cm (251/2in) for dogs and a minimum of 60cm (231/2in) for bitches. It is generally preferred to see heights much tal­ler than this. There is no maximum height.

The coat is the most important distinguishing feature of this breed. This consists of felt-like strands which form and become longer over the years. It can take up to three years for the eventual coat of the Komondor to be formed. The coat is always white.

Generally this breed is never brushed or comb­ed since it is intended that the felting of the coat will occur. The strands are formed because the soft undercoat is not shed but catches in the tougher, and longer outer hair. To encourage development of the felt strands, they can be teased out by hand. Bathing is best left until summer, since it can take several days for the coat to dry.

These are independent, dominant, and very alert dogs that are brave, incorruptible, deter­mined, social, very loyal to their handler and family, sober, well-balanced, and calm. They do not naturally bark much. They have the amazing ability to judge whether a person has harmful intentions.

The Komondor is a dog whose natural instincts are still close to nature and it will often rely upon its own instinct. Its training must be con­sistent and based upon mutual respect.
The Komondor has an uncomplicated character and, once he understands your rules, it will not overstep them. Despite its honest nature, the Komondor needs a confident handler. Because it will only obey an order in which it can seen any point, it is not suitable for obe­dience courses and similar activities.

The Komondor will get along fine with other animals and with children provided they are part of your household and family. It will pro­tect your children from being pestered by other children.
Strangers are instinctively mistrusted and unwanted visitors get no chance to step on to your property. Regular visitors with no harm in them will be treated as one of you and treated accordingly.

It is as possible to keep this breed in an urban environment as in the country, although the country will more to its liking. If the Komondor is kept outdoors, it will naturally inspect its territory and meet its needs for exercise itself. They can be extremely lazy and will sleep and rest for hour upon hour. Damp and chilly or even cold weather will not harm this breed, they are so well protected by their impenetrable coat.


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