Country of Origin: England
Weight: 25-38 kilograms

Dogs 56-61 cms withers
Bitches 51-56 cms withers
Grooming Requirements:
Medium to High
Exercise Requirements: High
Popularity in Australia: – Australia’s fifth most popular dog
Dog Type: Gun Dog
Most suited As: Family Pet of Field Sporting Dog
Expected Life Span: 12-14 years

The Golden Retriever is a medium to large dog, with a medium long coat ranging from gold to cream in colour. The hair is smooth and wavy with a weather-resistant undercoat. Body shape is symmetrical, they are powerful and balanced with an even stride and a kindly, welcoming facial expression.

It is their lovable smile, their intelligence and their sense of fun that makes them so popular ass family pets in Australia. They are sociable, confidant and at times willful. They are easily trained with good memories and not prone to barking.

The Golden Retriever learns quickly and easily, but is best schooled with a sensitive rather than military approach as they are sensitive creatures. They are Kindly and friendly and do best when their handler also exhibits these traits. As gun dogs, they are required to think for themselves and make decisions on the fly so they will tend to be willful though less than a hound dog or livestock guardian dogs. Their willfulness may lead them to exiting a left open gate to find some fun, something a German Shepherd Dog for example would be unlikely to do.

Vary their training for best results as they will tire from repetitive tasks.

Social Behaviour
Dogs of this breed are very sociable and are good with other dogs, animals, and children… although your dog might in fact need protection from the children. Bred to be soft mouthed, it would be a extremely rare Golden Retriever that was rough with its mouth. Most of these dogs become real, true friends with their humans, although some can be very vigilant and cautious with unknown visitors.

The Golden Retriever will adapt itself to your family but do not forget they need more exercise than the average dog. Most of them love to swim…. anywhere. Your pool, the beach, the muddy creak near your house so if expect a lot of wet dog days. They love to fetch, and do well in dog sports such as obedience competitions, fly-ball, and agility skills trials.

The Golden Retrieve requires special care of its long coat, which should be brushed 2 or 3 times a week in addition to fortnightly bathing, more often in hotter months. Coats should be trimmed regularly or they will tend to be messy, nails will overgrow is not clipped so check these regularly.

Check skin for irritation, they are susceptible to skin irritation from fur left wet, fleas, or overheating. Irritated spots should be monitored for infection and treated by a vet if necessary.

As with all large Dog Breeds, Golden Retriever’s are susceptible to skeletal disorders such as hip dysplasia as well as eye and heart conditions. Breeders can and do screen for these conditions so ensure you see proof of these from your chosen breeder. Beware the puppy miller, and seek out a registered breeder. As with all the popular breeds, you can source a cheap puppy that has not been bred from parents tested free of known genetic issues but the likelihood of problems with your puppy are many times greater.

Golden Retriever Breed Standard

Golden Retriever Organisations in Australia
National Golden Retriever Council

Golden Retriever Organisations in the UK
The Golden Retriever Club

Golden Retriever Organisations in the US
American Kennel Club – Golden Retriever

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