Male Height (typical): 48-61 cm. (19-24 inches)
Female Height (typical):
46-53 cm. (18-21 inches)
Small – Medium
Male Weight (typical): 21-28 kg. (45-60 pounds) 
 Female Weight (typical): 18-23 kg. (40-50 pounds)
Country of Origin:
United States
Exercise Required: Backyard Play, Daily walks.
Expected Life Span: 12 – 16 Years
Best suited as: Working Dog, Family Pet
Other names: Old Farm Collie, Farm Shepherd, Farm Collie

Description – The English Shepherd is a medium sized dog that is one of the most versatile working dogs around today. They were originally bred to help farmers with their flocks and excelled at their natural herding abilities. They are one of the few working dogs that can effectively control sheep, larger animals like cows and even fowl. Most other breeds are limited to one or two of these tasks. At first glance, the English Shepherd is very similar in appearance to a Border Collie but somewhat larger in stature. They feature a coat that is either black and tan, black and white, sable and white or tri-coloured with all three.

Origin & History – This is a very old breed of dog with a history stretching back to the time of Caesar around 55 BC. It is said that the breed got its start when Caesar and his armies invaded the British Isles and brought an early descendent of these dogs with them to control the flocks of animals used to feed the troops. Even with this early history starting in Europe, the English Shepherd is still considered an American breed since much of its fundamental breeding took place there. They were carried along with early settlers and soon became both a working partner and companion for these families on the homestead.

Temperament – This is a hard working breed that needs little direction in the field. The English Shepherd is prized for its ability to quickly adapt to various herding styles and can adjust as needed for different animals and size of herds or flocks. It has a less aggressive herding style than most other working dogs, which helps it control the more skittish animals in its care. It also bonds quickly with the family and is very happy spending its time interacting with them when not working. One other advantage that the English Shepherd has over other working dogs is its ability to guard the family as well as its flock. It is a very alert animal and will react quickly to any threat or intruder with barking and teeth if needed.

Exercise & Grooming – The English Shepherd is a very active breed and if used as a working dog will get all the exercise it needs in an average day of outdoor herding. If the dog is not used for working a herd, it will need to be walked daily to get the exercise it requires to stay healthy. This can be a combination of leashed walks and free play in the back yard. Since this breed is also naturally curious, great care should be taken to eliminate escape routes from the backyard that can lead to trouble.

Health Concerns – This breed is a very healthy dog by nature and because of its small size and active lifestyle it stays very fit. There are no known concerns for the breed in general and as long as the dog is fed a balanced diet and given enough exercise it should lead a long and happy life. There are some occurrences of mild hip dysplasia with dogs that are worked too hard and this can be controlled by limiting the amount of time the dog spends in the field as it ages.

English Shepherd Organisations in Australia
No club information listed

English Shepherd Organisations in the UK
American Working Farmcollie Association

English Shepherd Organisations in the US
National English Shepherd Rescue, Ltd.
English Shepherd Club

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