Male Height (typical): 30-33 cm. (12-13 inches)
Female Height (typical):
30-33 cm. (12-13 inches)
Size: Small
Male Weight (typical): 4-8 kg. (10-18 pounds)
Female Weight (typical):
4-8 kg. (10-18 pounds)
Country of Origin:
United States
Exercise Required: Daily long walks.
Expected Life Span: 9 – 14 Years
Best suited as:
Companion, Family Pet
Other names: Ruby Spaniel, Blenheim Spaniel

Description – The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is one of the smaller toy breeds of dog and makes a perfect companion for most families. The dog has a beautiful appearance with large compassionate eyes and a soft coat. Their ears are floppy and covered with a thin coat of fur. The color of the breed can vary but is often found in a combination of brown, white, rust and black. They are a well-proportioned dog that makes a wonderful pet and the perfect lap dog.

Origin & History – This breed of dog originated in the 16th century and was very popular with royal families and members of high society. It was seen as a sign of wealth or importance to have a dog like this and many of them were immortalized in paintings of the period. The original Spaniels were a favorite of King Charles II and he could almost always be seen with several of them around his feet. This original breed was later mixed with the pug to produce a dog with a slightly shorter and flatter nose. In the early 1920’s an American named Roswell Eldridge offered prize money at a dog show in London for anyone who could produce a King Charles Spaniel with a longer nose, like those that lived before the crossbreeding with the Pug began. The results of the breeding required to produce this modern Spaniel is where the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel originated and continues to this day.

Temperament – The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a loveable dog and craves attention from its owners. It is gentle and loving in return and is always happy to be with people. It enjoys the companionship that a family provides and will thrive in an active environment with children. It does not like solitude and is happiest in the company of others. It is also a smart dog that is easily trained to perform certain tasks and will respond well to your commands.

Exercise & Grooming – The dog has a fairly high energy level that should be accommodated through regular walks or play. Even though playtime may provide the same exercise, a walk will satisfy their natural need to explore and a good mix of the two is best. Their grooming needs are minimal and a regular bath when required is fine to keep them looking great. The hair between their toes should also be clipped from time to time and extra care should be taken to keep their ears clean as infections can occur when these areas are not inspected regularly.

Health Concerns – Although the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a hearty breed that can live quite a long life, they can also suffer from certain common ailments if left unchecked. They are prone as a breed to syringomyelia and certain eye diseases that can easily be detected and treated with regular visits to the vet. Because of their large ears that cover their ear canals, excess moisture can collect there and cause chronic infections, especially in the hotter summer months. This can be easily avoided through regular ear cleanings and making sure the ears are completely dry after a bath. As with any dog, a balanced diet and regular exercise can help prevent most health problems.


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