Country of Origin: Italy
Breed Type:  HUnting / Gun Dog
Size:   Medium to Large
Also known as: Italian Pointer
Females: Height: 55 – 61 cm Weight: 25 – 40 kg
Males: Height: 58 – 66 cm Weight: 25 – 40 kg
Care Requirements:  Low
Exercise Requirements:  Moderate
Lifespan:  12 Years
Best Suited as:  Family Dog

In Italy, from where the breed originated, the Bracco Italiano dogs were primarily hunting dogs. Some people found the novelty from these dogs’ appearance which led these dogs in becoming one of the most beloved family companions. Together with its pleasant personality, people discovered that this breed can be a draw to the various dog shows..

The Bracco Italiano, also known as Italian Pointer, is a breed of dogs that are capable of hunting, whether point hunting or retrieving hunting. These dogs can efficiently perform and assist hunters. Aside from hunting skills, the Italian Pointers are also famous because of their tremendous indoor personalities. These dogs are remarkably gentle and loving whenever they are indoors. These dogs are always ready to bark in order to alert its owner; however, these dogs are too gentle to become an efficient guard dog.

The coating of the Bracco Italiano is quite short, glossy, and dense. The texture of the coating is a bit hard whereas the coating over its body is harder than those of head, feet, ears, legs, and neck. Most dogs under this breed can be white-orange, roano-brown, or white with patches of chestnut and amber. Most patches can be seen on the dog’s face, tail, body, or ears. People may also notice a tri-color Bracco Italiano such as a white-orange one with patches of chestnut on the given parts. There are some with noticeable patches above the eyes, legs, and muzzles that are somehow similar to that of Rottweiler breed.  Most dogs under the Bracco Italiano breed can be made to appear sharp by regular grooming.

The Bracco Italiano dogs are human-loving breed. They love to spend most of their time with people. They are happy being a family dog and most of these dogs like to spend time with kids. They have the ability to mingle with other dogs and animals. The nature of a hunting dog uses their intelligence to recognize what is a threat and what is not. If trained properly, then, they will be able to obey without any sign of stubbornness. As a hunting dog, the Bracco Italiano finds its happiness in hunting; without such activity, this breed will never be able to be happy.

Historians claimed that the breed Bracco Italiano is an ancient dog breed. The characteristics of the breed were in works that date back to 4th or 5th Century B.C. Most people believed that this breed was a product of two different breeds: the Egyptian Hound and the Molloser. When the Renaissance in Italy took place, the aristocrats in Italy were allowed to hunt game birds exclusively. During this time, the Bracco Italiano dogs favored the odds. Other works between 14th and 16th centuries stood witness to this. Basing from the breed’s history, the Bracco Italiano remained as it is ever since the breed was created. From then up to now, people held this breed as one of the most efficient working dog in its homeland.

Care and Grooming:
The coating of the Bracco Italiano is unusually short and smooth. Because the coating is short, trimming is not necessary for this breed. Grooming is only required once in a week, and daily brushing is not necessary to be done daily. The shedding of hair from its coat is minimal so they can be removed through the use of mitt weekly. With regards to the ears, people must give attention when cleaning their ear passage way. People must be extremely careful when cleaning the ears of the Bracco Italiano because the ears of these dogs are sensitive. They must also use a cleaning solution that experts suggest.

When it comes to activity, the Bracco Italiano must be given frequent exercise, and sufficient freedom to do what it wants. The most ideal place for them to live in is a large backyard rather than being kept inside an apartment unit or a flat. Some owners would give these dogs some time to swim and run around. The Italian Pointer dogs love to swim and retrieve. Letting them do so will lessen their stress. At the same time, depression will diminish if activities such as these were given.

The Bracco Italiano dogs have an excellent overall health. However, this breed tends to experience dysplasia on its elbow and hip areas. Some owners must check the breed before mating in order to prevent birth deficiencies. The breed is also prone to bending of bones; however, a little rest inside a cage solves the issue.

Suitability as a Pet:
This certain breed is suitable to any household because it is intelligent, calm, and always gentle to people. Their sensitivity allows them to deal with both owners and children efficiently. In simple terms, children will be able to play with these dogs safely. Parents can guarantee that Bracco Italiano dogs will never lose their temper towards the kids. They can withstand the playfulness of children. Furthermore, they do not tend to cause so much trouble indoors because of their calmness. They can mingle well to other pets in the household. Playful activities will settle their satisfaction indoors; however, backyard activities will keep their indoor energy at hand.

When training a Bracco Italiano, the owner must maintain a gentle voice because this breed is sensitive to their owner’s voice. If the tone is too harsh, then, the dog might take a difficult time to pick up what was instructed. Harsh discipline is not advisable when training a Bracco Italiano. Similar to other breeds, they must be reinforced in a positive manner; otherwise, the intelligence of Italian Pointers might be blocked by punishments and harsh command.

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