Country of Origin: Afghanistan
Weight: Approximately 30 kgs
Dogs 68-74 cms.
Bitches 63-69 cms.
Grooming Requirements:
Exercise Requirements: High
Dog Type: Hounds (Sight)
Most suited As: Hunting Dog, Breed Enthusiast Pet. Not recommend for families with young children or that own other animals.
Also known as: Kuchi Hound,  Balkh Hound, Baluchi Hound, Barutzy Hound, Shalgar Hound, Kabul Hound, Galanday Hound
Expected Life Span: 10-14 Years

The Afghan Hound is greyhound like in appearance but for the distinctive long fine silky Fur. Fur on the face is short and back is short, they have a sparsely feather tail with a ring in it. Any colour is accepted but the most common colours are red through to shades of beige, often with a darker mask.

Care Required
Coat is fairly high maintenance requiring at least weekly grooming and brushing, with a wash, condition and rinse every two to three weeks. Clipping is recommended for animals kept as pets to reduce maintenance – less fur means less work.

As a hound dog, do not expect the Afghan Hound to respond to training as a German Shepherd or Border Collie might. They are bred to follow their instincts and their instincts tell them to hunt anything running. These dogs should always be kept on a lead as they will chase anything and only in rare animals with special trainers can this instinct be reliably overcome through training. This is not a dog for a novice dog handler, and not a dog for a family with young children prone to rough behaviour, running inside and leaving open of doors and gates.

Social Behaviour and Temperament
These are independent, proud, and noble dogs that are calm indoors but very active and quick as lightning out of doors. This intelligent animal is not slavishly compliant, t hey are brave, vigilant, though at times noisy, and usually cautious and aloof with strangers.

This ancient breed is free from most common dog ailments, there are no known genetic problems inherit to this breed.

Always on lead, they are sprinters no long distance runners but as you will never keep pace with them on a lead, long walks are fine. Keep a strong grip on their lead if your walks take you through fields of rabbits.

Afghan Hound Breed Standard

Afghan Hound Orgnisations in Australia
Afghan Hound Club of NSW
Queensland Afghan Hound Association
Secretary : Jacky Harnett
Email : [email protected]
Phone : 07 32976567

Afghan Hound Orgnisations in the UK
The Afghan Hound Association

Afghan Hound Orgnisations in the US
Afghan Hound Rescue
Afghan Hound Club of NSW

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